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Do you long for real peace in your life?

Do you long to have real peace in your life?  Conditions all about us bring anxiety, worry and even fear.  The future is unknown, and as many anticipate what might happen, stress brings emotional and physical problems.

For my Jewish people, and all people, there is a place to find and possess true, lasting peace in this life and for eternity. The God of Israel, the Almighty LORD of Abraham, offers to us today the answer to our need for peace in our lives. This is not an emotional escape from reality.  I know as a Bible-believing Jew, that the peace of God is real in my life!  The fear of death is gone.  I know that death is the doorway to Heaven, since I have put my trust in God’s plan for me to have a personal relationship with Him. Of course problems and illness might come, but as these are committed to God there is daily peace in the midst of everything.

How did I find this wonderful peace?  I searched for God and found Him in the pages of the Bible. This is a personal, living relationship with the Almighty God of creation who loves us and has provided peace for us in the midst of all of our needs.

The problem that I had to acknowledge and deal with was sin in my life. I had to find how God would forgive my sins according to His instructions in the Bible.  When I did this, as I read and understood the Bible, I found the blood of atonement that the God of Israel requires of us to be forgiven of our sins.  Our Jewish people knew the first plan for atonement on Yom Kippur and daily sacrifices (Leviticus 5:5-10 and chapter 16) that God gave through Moses in the Law.  The animal sacrifices for the sins of the people were offered in the Jewish Tabernacle and then the Temple.  God knew that the last Jewish Temple would be destroyed in 70 A.D. and there could be no more sacrifices according to the Law given through Moses.  God had a new plan for us to be forgiven of our sins, and He made it known through the Jewish Bible.

Through the Jewish prophets, God wrote and foretold in the Jewish Holy Scriptures about 700 years B.C. that He would send the Messiah the first time to earth to provide the atonement for us to be forgiven of our sins.  There are many, many prophecies in the Bible concerning this coming of the Messiah.  When, where, how and why with dates and details are given so we would know who the Messiah is and when He would come to earth the first time.  When we know these wonderful prophecies we have the foundation we need to put our faith in the God of Israel’s plan for us to be forgiven of our sins.  A careful study of these Jewish Bible truths will lead honest hearts to accept the Jewish Messiah Jesus whom God sent to provide the way for us to be forgiven of our sins.  Messiah Jesus took upon Himself the sins of us all when He shed His blood for us to be cleansed of all of our sins.  This was foretold in the Bible by the Jewish prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 of his God-given scripture.  Read this marvelous prophecy written about 700 years before Jesus was here on earth!  This is a clear picture of Jesus and what He would do for us as we place our trust in Him.  It is all Jewish according to the God of Abraham and the Jewish Bible.  Placing our trust in God’s Word in the Bible and asking God alone to forgive us of our sins on the basis of Messiah Jesus taking the judgment and punishment due us because of our sins, we receive God’s cleansing us and possess wonderful new life and an amazing relationship with Almighty God.  We also have the assurance that we are going to Heaven when we die.  There is real peace in the life of the Bible believer!

God, through the Jewish prophets, also foretold that He would send Messiah a second time to earth to bring peace to Israel and the world when God will defeat the enemies of Israel once for all time (Zechariah chapter 14 and many other Bible verses).  This “second coming” which is yet future will bring peace to all people when Messiah reigns over the world from Jerusalem.

I have written the articles and recorded the audio on this website,, to share with you the details of how I became a Jewish Bible believer.  Yes, I am still a blood descendant of Abraham!  I was born a Jew and will die a Jew.  My grandfather was a very Orthodox Jew in Europe who knew Hebrew well and studied under the leading Rabbi of Poland.  When he, and my Orthodox Jewish grandmother, saw the wonderful prophecies in the Jewish Bible about the coming of the Messiah, they knew that Jesus is our Jewish Messiah and Redeemer and put their faith in Him.  The family, with my father Samuel (and later my mother Mary), came to the States.  My Uncle Herman stayed in Germany and was murdered in the Holocaust at the Buchenwald Camp in WWII.  Uncle Herman was a Jewish Bible believer and we know we will see him again in Heaven.

God be with you to lead you in His way to know His peace for this life and for eternity. T hank you for the opportunity to share with you my joyful experience of my walk with the God of Israel. Shalom.

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